Berlin Bühnen

The Internet portal Berlin Bühnen is anexcellent place to achieve an overview of current productions in Berlin. The schedule of programming of many of the state and municipal theaters as well as the independent performance venues are listed there.

Central Point of Contact PAP Berlin

The Performing Arts Program is the central point of contact for visiting industry professionals from throughout Germany and abroad as well as for everyone else looking to come into contact with Berlin‘s independent performing arts community. Here, communication competence is connected with a solid foundation of knowledge about Berlin‘s artists, performance venues and their current schedules of programming. The Central Point of Contact makes connections, answers individual requests and organizes professional visits within the cultural landscape.

Media Library for Dance and Theater (ITI)

The media library for dance and theater at ITI Germany, a place for discussion and research, is one of the most comprehensive audiovisual documentation centers for the performing arts in all of Germany. With the rehearsal space Studio2, this location also provides members of the independent performing arts community the opportunity to engage in theoretical as well as practical reflections on the fields of dance and theater.

Tanzbüro Berlin

Tanzbüro Berlin is the information and advising center for Berlin-based artists working in the field of dance and interested parties from outside the city. It operates the website as a broad service portal with a dance-specific events calendar as well as information regarding funding opportunities, cultural policy developments, production and rehearsal spaces and workshops. With the discount card tanzcard, the review portal tanzschreiber and the communication program mapping dance berlin, it provides a variety of opportunities for orienting oneself within Berlin’s dance landscape as well as networking. In addition, Tanzbüro Berlin works with initiatives and work groups in a variety of areas within Berlin’s dance community in order to rectify deficits and found new initiatives; it has also developed a city-wide campaign for dance and publishes the magazine tanzraumberlin.


The video platform Tanzforum Berlin presents current contemporary dance productions from Berlin and simulta-neously functions as a constantly growing online archive. With more than 1,400 trailers, portraits of artists and performance venues, the online review format Instant Feedback and 24/7 dance films, the platform offers a comprehensive information tool that aims at supporting independently producing artists in the marketing and export of their productions.

Theaterscoutings Berlin

Theaterscoutings Berlin provides audience members with new points of access to the schedule of programming of Berlin’s independent performing arts community. Artist talks, introductions, workshops, rehearsal visits and other formats are conceptualized and conducted by experts within the independent performing arts community. As theater scouts, they accompany audience members over the course of the evening and enrich the shared visit to dance and theater pieces with their knowledge. Theaterscoutings Berlin offers a guided performance venue tour once per month and, led by a professional and knowledgeable tour guide, provides glimpses behind the curtains and into the unique histories of a variety of theaters.