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  • Dance
  • Performance
  • Puppet / Figure / Object Theater

Acud Theater


The ACUD Theatre is a place for young, innovative and diverse theatre, building bridges between acting, dance, performing art, clowning and puppetry. As an independent theatre, it supports national and international theatre pieces by young groups and solo artists. Each year around 120 performances take place in the 70-seat theatre, around 90% of them new productions, Berlin premieres or world premieres.

ACUD MACHT NEU is an art collective based in Berlin. In 2014, the initiative saved the Kunsthaus ACUD from bankruptcy and has since set in motion interdisciplinary projects on the intersection of art, music, performance and digital media in their spaces Studio, Club and Gallery.

Number of seats: from 30 to 100
Number of stages: 3
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin