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Prime Time Theater

On 10th January 2024, the Prime Time Theater celebrated its 20th birthday: It launched its stage sitcom "Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding" back in 2004, and since then, it has become globally unique with over 130 episodes and various spin-offs. The Berlin cult theatre embraces the charm of the neighbourhood with its crazy comedies and lovingly pokes fun at typical stereotypes of the capital.

The characters are as diverse, peculiar, and flamboyant as Berlin itself. One of the central characters is the mailman Kalle. In this iconic role, artistic director Oliver Tautorat welcomes guests in the foyer and warms up the audience at the start of each performance with his unique grammatical battle cry: "Wen oder wat freu‘ ick? MIR" The show has become a smash hit among locals and tourists alike.

Number of seats: 230
Number of stages: 1
Müllerstrasse 163
Eingang Burgsdorfstraße
13353 Berlin

  1. Raphael Howein