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Tanzfabrik Berlin Bühne

Tanzfabrik Berlin is a place for dance art, choreography and performance.


It offers space for rehearsals, production, artistic and theoretical research, professional training, further education, workshops and regular courses. Its main aim is to promote the development, presentation and communication of dance in all its diversity of choreographic and performative approaches and to make the human body and its role in contemporary society visible.

Founded back in 1978, Tanzfabrik Berlin now has two locations: Tanzfabrik SCHULE with an extensive workshop program and occasional performances in Möckernstraße in Kreuzberg. And the Tanzfabrik BÜHNE in the Uferstudios in Wedding, a production and performance venue that - as part of the :LOVE: co-operation at the Radialsystem - also regularly performs in other spaces in the city. 


Tanzfabrik Berlin enjoys international recognition in the dance and performance scene as a production and performance venue. Since 2005, it has been a partner in the European network Advancing Performing Arts Project, which currently has 11 partners in 11 European countries.In addition, Tanznacht Berlin, a biennial festival dedicated to changes in artistic methods and current audience discourses, has been taking place since 2000 under the direction of changing curators.

Number of seats: from 40 to 200
Number of stages: 3
Uferstraße 23
13357 Berlin

  1. Dieter Hartwig