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Theater Jaro

Theater Jaro is a theatre for children between two and nine and their families. All of Jaro's plays are written and produced by the theatre's proprietors themselves. The theatre group has had its own facilities since 2011. Jaro's repertoire comprises 15 plays, among them the classic "A Dinosaur in the Fridge", which has already been watched by 156,000 children. The plays combine the performance of actors and puppets in delightful and funny plays which are highly visual and contain lots of catchy original songs sung live on stage, many accompanied by on-stage musical instruments. Performances are in the afternoon on weekends as well as in the morning on weekdays, which is especially suitable for daycare and school groups. The theatre also has a café and toys for playing before and after the shows.

Number of seats: 99
Number of stages: 1
Schlangenbader Straße 30
14197 Berlin

  1. Camilla Poelzer