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Theater Thikwa

Theater Thikwa is "Germany’s most well-known theater where artists with and without so-called disabilities come together to make theater" (rbbKultur) and a pioneer of inclusion and diversity since 1991. Thikwa presents performances, dance theater, text-based theater and music theater in its own performance venues in Berlin and in guest performances around the world with no fear of experimentation.


The foundation of this "miracle of the stage" (Der Tagesspiegel) is the Thikwa Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst, the Thikwa Workshop for Theater and Art, which is operated jointly with the Nordberliner Werkgemeinschaft (nbw). The 42 ensemble members have their workplace in the arts here. Theater Thikwa works especially with the personal characteristics of its performers and seeks out new forms of expression beyond the fixed definitions of genres.  In doing so, it continuously works with external artists from the independent performing arts community.


In 2018, Theater Thikwa was awarded the Martin Linzer Theater Prize from the magazine Theater der Zeit for the "outstanding ensemble performance of a theater in German-speaking countries", and in 2019 with the Federal Theater Prize, one of the most important theater prizes in Germany, for "the outstanding evocation of social diversity in the theater scene while at the same time showing a desire for artistic radicalism."

Number of seats: from 60 to 120
Number of stages: 2
Fidicinstraße 40
10965 Berlin

  1. Sean Anderson
  2. Sigel Leicht
  3. Mayra Wallraff
  4. David Baltzer