Berliner Events

Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts Community

Photos: Mathias Völzke

Since 2013, the Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts Community has developed into a well-established institution. Hundreds of members of the independent performing arts community accept the invitation to Berlin each year in order to discuss current topics, share knowledge, benefit from synergies and come into contact with representatives from other artistic fields, politics, economy as well as international communities. Talks, presentations, panel discussions, work groups, workshops and table conversations all focused on one overarching topic open innovative points of access and provide new food for thought. The Industry Get-Together is especially focused on participation: from the selection of the topic using an open call process to the implementation of the professional convention open to everyone itself.

Presented by Berlin Performing Arts Program

The Industry Get-Together takes place each year in autum; the next edition from October 1 to 3, 2020.

Symposia presented by the Berlin Performing Arts Program

Photo: Jörg Farys

Several times per year, the LAFT Berlin Performing Arts Program invites the community to attend topic-specific symposia in order to take stock of current developments within the independent performing arts. The concentrated events pass on well-founded knowledge  and set new impulses within the independent performing arts. Following successful symposia such as Collective. Networked. Solidary. Forms of Collaboration in the Independent Performing Arts or Translate! A Symposium on Language and Language Transfer in International Productions, the topics of touring and sustainability within the independent performing arts, amongst others topics, will be covered in 2019/2020.

Presented by Berlin Performing Arts Program

These symposia are held several times per year in association with events and festivals within the community or as independent events.

Performersion — Days of Performing & Immersive Arts

Photo: re:publica/Jan Michalko CC BY 2.

Performersion has taken place within the
scope of re:publica, one of the most important conferences on topics related to digital society, on an annual basis since 2016. Members of the independent performing arts community as well as people working in the fields of digital research and technology development create ideas over the course of collaborative formats.

Additionally, Performersion International will be taking place for the first time in 2020. Here, future digital opportunities for members of the independent performing arts community will be reflected upon and developed further. The primary focus is placed upon the appropriation of digital production methods and the learning of new aesthetics in order to strengthen the participants as selfempowered digital creators.

Presented by re:publica and Berlin Performing Arts Program in cooperation with Schaubude Berlin, Studiengang Spiel & Objekt der Hochschule für Schauspielkunst „Ernst Busch“.

Performersion takes place annually as part of re:publica. Due the corona pandemic the next edition is expected for the 2nd half of 2020.

The next edition of Performersion International is expected to take place in January 2021.


Photo: Anna Stein

The Tanznacht-Forum is always held in the year between the biennial Tanznacht Berlin festival in order to discuss current questions within the field of contemporary dance. The primary focus is placed on a discursive format which is integrated with performative projects. The forum was launched in 2015 with “Visionary Arguments” (Visionärer Widerstreit), a seven-hour discussion program intended to design visions for the production conditions in the field of contemporary dance and to “argue” about them. In 2017, three dialogs were initiated under the title “unsettled landscape” which dealt with the question of which aesthetics take shape in contemporary dance today and where they draw their key terminology from – (dance) historical, political, cultural. Both formats were accompanied by artistic work.

Presented by Tanzfabrik Berlin

Every two years at the end of August; next edition TBD.

Theater & Netz

Photo: Theater & Netz CC

The conference Theater & Netz (Theater & Internet) questions consequences for the dramatic arts in regards to digitalization. Topics of discussion focus on aesthetical issues, technological developments and political aspects. Furthermore new opportunities of online communication, marketing and audience developement are subject of the conference. Theater & Internet strives to bridge between Europe’s leading conference on internet and society re:publica and the Berliner Theatertreffen, Germany’s leading theatre festival.

The conference has been held annually since 2013.

Due to the corona crisis, this year's edition (May 2 to 3, 2020) will not take place as usual. A postponement to an appointment later in the year is still being examined. Please visit the conference website or more information.