• Contemporary Circus
07.08 – 18.08.2024

Berlin Circus Festival

The Berlin Circus Festival is the festival for contemporary circus in the heart of Berlin. It invites the audience to discover the breathtaking mix of circus, dance and performance during eight high-class productions under our big top. 10 days of festival with young, international artists from all over Europe. Stunning acrobatics, juggling, theatre, dance and a unique festival site.

The festival features renowned productions, spectacular shows, emerging artists and much more. It is the perfect time to discover the so-called contemporary circus, which is already enchanting an incredible number of spectators abroad!

On the site, there are as well art exhibitions, live music and savour delicacies with your drinks in the rays of the late Berlin summer sun.

Presented by Berlin Circus Production

The Berlin Circus Festival takes place annually in summer.


  1. Miikkael Kukkula