• Dance For Young Audience
20.01 – 28.12.2023


In addition to a professional stage program featuring numerous dance performances, the festival offers an extensive supporting program. In collaboration with participating artists, there are introductions to the works performed, discussions, and free workshops for students of all ages and teachers.

The goal of the festival is to make children and young people curious and enthusiastic about dance. To do so, it puts together a joyful and energetic program presenting various aesthetic approaches and types of content from the international contemporary dance scene. The festival not only wish to diversify young people's viewing habits, but also encourage them to participate, empathize, and think outside the box.

The festival is aimed at children and young people ages 6 and over and at anyone who is interested. Most of the dance performances will take place in the morning, in order to enable school classes to attend during school hours.

The festival's main venue is the Uferstudios in Berlin's Wedding area. It cooperates
with TanzZeit e.V. at the Podewil (in Berlin-Mitte), and Theater Strahl.HalleOstkreuz (in Berlin-Lichtenberg).

Presented by C. Erek & I. Zysk GbR

Purple - International Dance Festival for Young Audiences takes place every year in January, the next edition in January 2024.


  1. Iron Skulls Co. "Sinestesia", Photo: David Brock