• Contemporary Circus
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Q Space

Q Space is a contemporary circus space for professionals, adults and children. We aim to create a place where technique, creativity and self-development thrive.


Q Space has 2 studios. Studio 1 is 160 square meters and has a work area of ??8 m x 14 m. The height is 5.80 m, with aerial ha as hanging points. The floor is uniquely designed with tatami mats and marly dance floor. Studio 2 has a work area of ??4 x 10 m, with mirrors, hard dance floor and natural light. Q Space is centrally located in Berlin, in an old industrial complex.

Q Space is part of the state funded program, “Kulturraum Kontingente” Culture Spaces Berlin.

Number of seats: from 50 to 60
Number of stages: 1
Mühlenstraße 62-64
Haus 11
13187 Berlin