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Since its opening in September 2006, Radialsystem V has established itself on an international scale as a privately funded, innovative space for artistic encounters. It sees itself not only as an event location, which offers its spaces for performances, but also as a center of creative production for the development of new programs and event concepts. Artistic as well as current social trends, innovations and sentiments are taken up, then brought into dialogue and transmitted into artistic action.

From the beginning, Radialsystem V has been a place for experiments and is recognized worldwide as a pioneer, especially in terms of new performance formats. In 2018/2019, for the first time, Radialsystem V receives infrastructural funding to substantially support the project needs of the independent scene in Berlin.

Commercial renting (conferences, media productions etc.), however, continues to account for the majority of the operational financing. This entails a combination of current developments in art, science, economy and society.

Number of seats: from 20 to 520
Number of stages: from 1 to 5
Holzmarktstraße 33
10243 Berlin