• Dance
  • Performance
  • Discourse
01.08 – 04.08.2024

Plataforma Berlin

PLATAFORMA BERLIN represents BIPoC artists (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), culture makers and activists with an indigenous background who are dealing with climate change, decolonialism, extinction, ancestral knowledge and politics. Through reflecting upon the approaches and wisdom of those who came before, the festival searches for options for a sustainable future. International guests and the local Berlin artists work with interdisciplinary media such as expanded performance, video installation, ceremonies, virtual reality and the performing arts. In dance, music, documentary films, discourses, practices and parties, the bodies play the leading role. The next edition of PLATAFORMA will take place in 2023 on the stages and open areas of Radialsystem and DOCK11-EDEN.

Presented by Martha Hincapié Charry in cooperation with Radialsystem & DOCK11.

Plataforma Berlin takes place annually, the next edition will be held in summer 2023.


  1. Photos: Gianni Bettucci, Cristian Flores, Genilson Guajajara